Friday, February 22, 2019
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About Anchor

We are an Oregon based, locally owned commercial property and casualty insurance broker. Since 1985 we have serviced the commercial insurance and bonding needs of some of the northwest region’s largest construction contractors and timber product companies operating in locations throughout the western states and occasionally beyond. From the outset, our account base has consistently demonstrated the highest quality risk management and performance practices in the industry, attracting Anchor a wide range of insurance and surety markets with whom we’ve enjoyed many years of mutually beneficial relationships.

From an initial five person employee complement, we’ve grown to a 35 person organization servicing some 300 construction and timber companies. Outstanding customer service is our primary business objective. Whether that service entails coverage review, claims handling or helping the customer identify, manage or transfer risk at site or in a contract, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

Our success over the years has been largely tied to our continuing commitment to providing quality insurance products at competitive prices. We’ve been careful along the way to develop and retain a truly exceptional group of employees, collectively and individually recognized for their adherence to highest performance standards and customer advocacy.

Continued long term market relationships bode well for both Anchor and our customers as we encounter new challenges and pursue new opportunities over the next quarter century.
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